Why you need a wedding film

Wedding Films?

Do we need them? Why do we want them? And is this a necessity for my wedding?

I started off in 2012 in the wedding industry. I had no clue what I was getting myself into but I was so ecstatic to be apart of one of the top wedding industry teams (VisualMasterpiece). The weddings that I attended, worked, and edited, were out of this world beautiful and an experience I will never forget. The skillsets I was able to develop and apply toward my own clients, were top notch.

Being able to experience new worlds and cultures through other couples love. To be able to find each couples story and create authentic love stories, entertaining compilations of couples wedding day was so moving and rewarding for myself and clients.

I believe capturing not just photography but having your wedding film is something that you will want to revisit down the road and reminisce with your loved ones. Do we need wedding films? YES, we absolutely do!

COVID_19 has taught me now more than ever, what it means to gather with the ones you love, reminisce through photographs and films, remembering the faces, special moments, and the words shared with one another. To relive these moments are priceless. The option to have your wedding filmed should no longer be an option. Life will never be the same after cover_19. Our friends, family and being able to gather and celebrate have a whole new meaning to us all. 

Here is a fun wedding teaser filmed in Newport Beach,CA. Click Here.