2020 Top TV Series...

2020 lended a bit more time to finding some new shows to enjoy. Let me just say, I loveee goooddddd writing and GREAT acting! Since my hubby works in film, watching and studying films/television is a normal thing in our home. Here are my TOP 10 shows for 2020.

1.Schitts Creek - My all time favorite of 2020. It's definitely an acquired taste. I laughed so hard starting from the first episode. I loved how the Levy's wrote in the emotions of the character and stayed present in writing throughout ALL the seasons. Definitely worth watching!

2.Queens Gambit - I didn't know what to expect and came out loving it and learning how to play chess!

3.You - Creepy! But this is very real in todays society. There is so much that we put out there on social media. Be careful. You, is such a great show!

4.Emily in Paris - Total chick show but enjoyed this one! Her outfits!

5.Dead to Me - This was a fun one too!

6.Cobra Kai - I judged myself for even watching this show. It was like watching old men not settle their issues from the past. Nevertheless, I kept watching and can't wait for the next season to come out!

7.Stranger Things - This show freaks me out but I keep coming back! This was the first show me and hubby watched when we got married. The demigod still freaks me out but this show is seriously one of my faves!

8.Bridgerton - um, those sex scenes!!!! so much PASSION. The tension they created was so well written and played. The story, based on a book, was so good! I'm watching the season for a second round.

9.Killing Eve - Great show! Takes place all over Europe and follows a female assassin who develops an obsesssion for the London Secret Service agent who is on the hunt to find her and lock her up. Its a BBC show, which I am coming to LOVE more and more of their shows! (Luther is another good one from London).

10.Peaky Blinders - This one was a period piece about the English mob. I wasn't expecting to like something like this but I ENJOYED it!! I can't wait for another season to come out!