’m sitting here with Peaky Blinders playing in the background thinking about what I want to share with you guys regarding life lessons in my 20’s. The 20’s were nothing like I expected. I often times feel like celebrities sell us this false narrative of what life is like when your young. I decided I want to share with the ladies out there how they can come out winning in their 20’s and make the most of such a vulnerable and uncharted time of life.

Here are my top 10 take away’s from my 20’s.

  1. Make lots of mistakes: Get comfortable with taking imperfect action. 
  2. Be proud of yourself: Don’t wait for others to cheer you on and believe in you. Give yourself the permission to be proud of yourself.
  3. Network Network Network! You network will determine the level of success you will have. Meet lots of people and build with others where it’s a healthy mutual relationship.
  4. Be GRATEFUL for the good and bad that comes your way – gratitude ALWAYS wins!
  5. Bounce back quickly from setbacks
  6. If you hit the QUARTER LIFE CRISIS don’t be afraid to follow what your intuition Is telling you. You are destined for more. Don’t ignore it.
  7. INVEST in YOURSELF. You are your greatest asset. NO ONE will care more about you than you! 
  8. Be Decisive and quick to course correct when need be. The faster you can make a decision the faster things get moving. Don’t get caught up in indecisiveness. 
  9. Know what you want. 
  10. Be Confident. Confidence is HUGE and if you don’t believe in yourself first you won’t be able to convince others to believe in you.

I hope that you find these tips very helpful as you build the life you love. Be proud of yourself and believe in yourself!