I remember meeting Gina’s sister, Angela, through instagram DM’s. I reached out to do some photography for Angela’s store in Sayville, Offmain Apparel. We connected instantly and a week or so later they were in need of some models for Gina’s bridal store, Sayville Bridal. They were showcasing wedding gowns for all 2020 brides on Long Island. (Check out Bride’s of Long Island if you’re newly engaged and from Long Island, New York). I left feeling like wow, what an amazing family and what a great time. There was something very special about Gina’s family.

Months later I get a call from Angela about Matt wanting to surprise Gina by proposing to her. I was stoked to be apart and also get to know who this couple was. Gina, thought we were doing promotional work for her bridal store and my photography company. Little did she know she was in for a surprise.

Matt and Gina met in high school through mutual friends but never dated. They both went their separate ways in college while staying in touch from time to time. One day

while playing in a softball tournament with Gina’s father he said to me “Why,

again aren’t you dating my daughter?” Matt said it was because she lived in Florida. He responded with “Well, why don’t you change that”. Gina eventually moved back home (she swears it wasn’t for Matt) and they officially began dating to her

family’s collective response of “finally”.