10 years ago I started editing in my production film class.  Since then I've filmed and edited all kinds of events from large non-profit gatherings to corporate summits to lavish weddings.  It was only a short time into my journey that I found a company who created beautiful cinematic weddings. Instantly, it became my dream to work for them and learn how to capture such exquisite images and craft them into a stunning piece of art.


I was able to work with some of the top wedding cinematographers, photographers and planners in the world.  And of course witness love through many different cultures. 


Every wedding allowed me to embrace each couple for who they were and put together a unique edit that represented them visually, musically, and emotionally.


It was through these world class experiences that the desire grew within me to create my own story and brand for clients.


And it was through the art of photography that I would capture it. It is through all these incredible opportunities that I am able to craft with love & detail your unique vision & story on your special day!

Regina Lynn Visuals

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